How to Win Government Contracts in the UK 2017

Navigate the UK public procurement landscape and improve your success rate for public sector contracts.


There has never been a more interesting and exciting time to be bidding for government work in the UK.

This eBook can help you succeed

'How to Win Government Contracts in the UK 2017' Shine Bid Services 

If you’re reading this eBook, you’re either thinking about bidding for government and public sector in future; about to imminently launch a bid; or working on a bid right now.

Winning government contracts is getting tougher for the established players and even harder for new entrants. Selling to the government is a different ball-game to responding to a straightforward B2B Request for a Proposal (RFP). First, you need to overcome a few hurdles to get to bid, then you must be prepared to compete on their terms.

This guide is designed to help you win work with government and public sector buyers. By applying the principles in this is eBook you will learn to navigate the UK public procurement landscape successfully, and the best opportunities before others, develop a winning bid strategy, and improve your success rate for government/public sector contracts.

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