Method Statements to make an impact

Poor method statements can cost you the bid. Using the same old method statements you’ve used before and not drawing out the key points can also make a bad impression.

In this module you’ll learn how to develop Method Statements that support your bid responses and demonstrate your strength to the Client. You’ll get time-saving tips and practical advice on structure and approach to really make those method statements accessible and ensure they make a positive impact.

There are four units covered in this course:

Unit 1

The basics – what do you need to say and how to save time

Unit 2

Structuring for impact

Unit 3

Style and tone

Unit 4

Finishing touches


Practical guidance on how to structure and approach method statements to ensure they make an impact.

Templates to apply to future bids.


1/2 day (4 hours)


Up to ten delegates per day


Prices available on request

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