Developing bidding excellence in practice

Our expert team would love the chance to work alongside your team in the world of bidding and help you to take your bids to another level.

We’d propose identifying a must win opportunity for 2017, a gold star tender that needs that extra love and attention. We’d then work alongside your team to apply the Shine Bid training in a real life scenario.

Our work could include:

  • Intel report
  • Bid Strategy workshop
  • Bid Brand development
  • Storyboarding workshops
  • Bid Writing and Reviews
  • Design and production
  • Finishing touches – Executive Summary and presentation preparation

By putting it into practice together, you’ll get a bid that takes things to another level and the benefit of your team working alongside our experts, drawing from their practical knowledge and expertise.


Price based on size of bid selected and services required and are available on request.

Call  +44 (0)203 4700 180 or email [email protected] FULL RANGE OF COURSES

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