Where is your bid strategy?

Having a clear and robust bid strategy is critical; it gives your bid the necessary vision, purpose and focus to win. A good bid strategy is the lifeblood of every bid.

We’ll teach you how to develop a bid strategy that is focused on the client and capitalises on your strengths.

You’ll learn how to apply intelligence to define a bid strategy and themes, which reflect client requirements and set you apart from the competition. You’ll understand how to anchor solutions, service offerings, pricing and key personnel to your bid strategy and, importantly, carry it through to the end stage so it doesn’t fall by the wayside.

There are three units covered in this course:

Unit 1

What is a bid strategy?

Unit 2

Generating your bid strategy

Unit 3

Walking the talk


You’ll learn how to develop a winning strategy and approaches to reinforce the bid strategy in person, through writing and bid branding. We’ll also look at keeping it fresh, responsive and competitive.


1 day (09:30 – 17:00)


Up to ten delegates per day


Prices available on request

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