Learning to write a compelling and persuasive bid

This course will give you the skills and knowledge to write winning bid responses. We’ll teach you our bid writing strategies that will transform your writing weaknesses into strengths. We’ll show you what winning bid writing looks like and how to go beyond compliance to develop high scoring responses.

You’ll learn the techniques used by professionals to create high quality bid text quickly and consistently every time. We’ll reveal how to scrutinise an evaluation matrix and hone your radar for detecting what evaluators really want to read.

There are six units covered in this course:

Unit 1

Understanding the question

Unit 2

Who is the audience?

Unit 3

Planning your answer

Unit 4

Making your writing compelling

Unit 5

Contributing to responses

Unit 6

Quality checking and sign off


You’ll learn how to prepare an answer plan, tailor your messages for your audience, use visuals to convey complex concepts and navigate the essential do’s and don’ts for writing great responses. We’ll also give you a toolkit of bid writing templates and tips to take away.


1 day (9:30 - 17:00)


Up to ten delegates per day


Prices available on request

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